Could you be having better online meetings?

Save time, get better results, and start enjoying meetings with our professional meeting facilitation and meeting trainings. On-site or Online.

What We Do

People spend hundreds of hours in meetings. Organizations devote thousands of hours to them. You have a choice: dull, unproductive meetings – or effective meetings that engage people, feel good, and get things done. We help with that through:


Run meetings as an objective, outside expert. Plus online facilitation.
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Learn how to run effective meetings and virtual events. Zoom training too.
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Consulting services to improve meetings and conferences.
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Areas of Work

We make more of your meetings ones that efficiently generate better ideas, truly include participants so they feel respected and valued, and result in real action – while cutting down on meetings that are boring, pointless, wastes of time and money. We work with companies, associations, government agencies, and nonprofits to tackle three common meeting categories:

meeting training for staff meetings, board meetings, and team meetings

Small Meetings

Staff or board meetings, committees, brainstorming, remote teams, etc.

meeting facilitator for conferences and corporate retreats


Big meetings that include online conferences, presentations and webinars.

how to improve networking events for companies and conferences

Networking Events

Mixers and online networking socials at on-site or virtual conferences.

We do one thing and do it well:

Improve Your Meetings


meeting facilitator in washington DC - meeting training on how to run effective meetings

Our meeting facilitation services focus on engaging, participatory meetings with an eye on real results. The on-site or online meeting facilitation is informed by pre-meeting design, prep, and research. We can also do online facilitation (e.g. Zoom facilitation) and assist as a corporate retreat facilitator, board retreat facilitator, or conference facilitator.

  • Professional facilitators have expert meeting skills that employees lack.
  • Hire a meeting facilitator to free up your time.
  • Meeting facilitators work to hear all voices to get the best solution.
  • Ensures a well prepared meeting, respecting employees’ time.
online meeting training and facilitation

Online Meeting Training & Facilitation

For those managing virtual teams or running a virtual conference or events, we provide online meeting training and online facilitation. We can improve your online conference sessions, webinars, and video conferencing so you’re having engaging, effective online meetings. We can design and run online networking sessions, plus train your team on online facilitation skills.


Think about how many hours you’re in meetings. Can they be better? Surprisingly, most employees have never had any meeting training. Even a short course on group facilitation skills, online meeting techniques, or effective meetings training can pay dividends year after year — be it professional development for employees or a training for new managers. And while a meeting about meetings can sound dreadful, our meeting skills trainings are hands-on, productive, and fun.

basic meeting skills training

Effective Meeting Skills

An online meeting skills training course; easy facilitation techniques.

meeting management course on improving brainstorming and innovation for new products and solutions

Getting Great Ideas

Improved brainstorming and innovation for new products or solutions. With online methods.

staff meeting or board meeting makeover for more effective meetings

Meeting Makeover

Fix your regular meetings to be more efficient and enjoyable.

reduce your dependence on PowerPoint in meetings

Virtual Meetings Best Practices

Interactive facilitation training for online meetings and remote teams.

strategic planning workshop and board and retreat facilitator

Strategic Planning Workshop

Learn how to develop strategy, plan, and execute better.

facilitation skills course for nonprofits and associations

Collaboration for
Associations & Nonprofits

Solve common issues with innovation and collaboration.

management training washington dc

Meeting Skills for

Get better results in team meetings or client meetings.

tips, tricks and consulting to improve or reinvent your conference

Reinvent Your
Online Conference

Adapt to holding an online conference that attendees will still pay for.

design your own meeting facilitation training

Build Your
Own Training

Choose meeting or facilitation skills to fit your organization's needs.

Training Process

While a great meeting can seem elusive, we pull back the curtain, explain the magic trick, and then teach you to do it yourself — online or in person. Through active learning and hands-on professional development, you’ll learn how you can be running effective meetings. These are plug-and-play meeting skills you can use immediately.

requirements for professional development classes
Select a meeting training or make your own.
coordinate on issues before attending professional development courses about meetings
Coordinate on issues
before the training.
active learning meeting management courses
Learn by doing in meeting training; in-person or online.
certified meeting facilitation training
Apply your new meeting skills immediately.

Studies find that a third of our meeting time is wasted.
Get your hours back!

Inquire about other stand-alone or add-on pieces, including: Adapting Online Meetings, Panel-Moderator Training, Forging Agreement, and Meeting Training for New Managers & Supervisors.


tools and techniques for meeting design, consulting and coaching for meeting makeovers

A more consultative process, meeting design helps you restructure your meetings to better serve their purpose. For example, if your big online  conference is now lacking the valuable networking of an in-person event, meeting design helps effectively connect attendees virtually. Or, if your weekly staff meeting is all talk and no action, redesigning the meeting agenda and flow can give you that change.
Our Clients Say
fun and effective meeting training workshop testimonial

Lee's workshops are a perfect balance of fun, value, learning, and excitement. You and your team will have an excellent time – and it will positively influence your entire culture. I highly recommend his workshops.

Vlad Korobov Product Manager and UX community organizer workshop August 6, 2019

I walked away with new meeting design tools that I will definitely use at work

The Better Meetings workshop was hands on, informative, and drove home the message that it doesn't take much to make meetings better with simple techniques. I walked away with new meeting design tools that I will definitely use at work.

Flora Le Director of Compliance at 2U workshop August 6, 2019

this meeting training has gotten me to really think differently about how to significantly improve our meetings in new ways

The training and advice have been easy to implement in my day-to-day gatherings, board meetings, and even our conference. But, more than that, it’s gotten me to really think differently about how to significantly improve our meetings in new ways.

Everard Davenport Director of Community Development at US Ignite workshop August 6, 2019


Lee Gimpel is a meeting expert with a focus on improving meetings by making them more productive, effective, and engaging. Formerly, as Director of Development for LifeWise Strategies, he spent a decade overseeing the training/education company’s products that helped organizations design and facilitate better programs, more authentic client connections, and dynamic classes. There, he worked with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and the USMC. Previously, he worked in the training-knowledgebase department at Capital One and started his career as a software product manager. His work blends meeting facilitation, audience engagement, human-centered design, and specific training with Liberating Structures, Technology of Participation, and improv.